Here on Earth


“Here on Earth”

Every morning at school, when girls and boys stand in their lines, Sam, an alien boy, is confronted with his situation: he doesn’t fit into this society where everything has to be classified. However, thanks to a teacher he will find his place in the world.

International Festival of New Latin American Cinema, Havana, Cuba 2018


Director: Rebeca Trejo
Screenplay: Luis Eduardo Yee
Cast:Tari Ceballos, Karina Gidi, Teté Espinoza, Pedro Mira, Mahalat Sánchez
Producers:Rebeca Trejo, Charlotte Lerchner
Production company: Procine DF, Catatonia, Los Bocanegra
Cinematography: Odei Zabaleta
Music: Cuceb Piloto
Editing: Mike Salgado
Genre: Drama
Running Time: 13 min.
Year: 2018
Country: Mexico
Language: Spanish