A top businessman in New York, a philosophy and literature student at the Guadalajara University with a fascination for hip hop, and an old ex-governor of the Mexican federal state of Jalisco that lives at a huge ranch in the outskirts of Guadalajara – the Murga family. Grandfather, father and son, bound with the same last name but also by a family condemnation: a hurt sexuality, abusive, violent. Don Adolfo Murga is suffering from dementia and has finally agreed to give a living inheritance to his children. This will get Rubén out of a situation that devours him economically. Gerónimo will see his father after years of absence. Convened by María Murga, Rubén´s sister, there will be a family lunch at the ranch in order to arrange the distribution of the property in front of a notary. Everything converges in a weekend that exposes, in a rather savage way, the perverse impulses of the three men and has irreversible consequences for their relationships.

Director: Hari Sama
Screenplay: Hari Sama
Producers: Verónica Valadez P.
Production company: Catatonia