Mike is a chilango, a product of a wild Mexico City upbringing by Spanish parents. He is a free spirit, a foodie and a world traveler, having lived and traveled around the globe in such places as Madrid, NY, London and Paris. Mike has a black belt in storytelling and an exceptional eye for making food look good. He is one of the few directors that handles both directing actors and tabletop, this has helped to establish himself as a well-respected artist on the leading edge of the tabletop and advertising industry. Both his parents were commercial directors. Mike has honed his skills over 18 years of experience in multicultural production environments. London Film School graduate. Mike has 3 nationalities, he’s globetrotter and a citizen of the world. When Mike is not thinking about food he’s most probably watching Korean cinema or blasting heavy metal. He prepares a mean Spanish tortilla.

Contact: Verónica Tavizon