Oliver is a director who excels because of his great versatility. He makes use of comedy, suspense or pieces that reach into people’s emotions.

The former actor goes beyond the expectations in the way he builds his characters. His capability to obtain great performances from non-actors has lead him to direct many athletes, musicians and journalists.

Aside of having a great aesthetic sense derived from architecture, Oliver masterfully builds the narrative, resulting into pieces that really get to his audience.

In 2018 he premiered his first documentary film (From Core to Sun) which was the most viewed Ecuadorian movie in its home country that year and was given the Best Direction recognition at the Lux Awards. He was Uruguay’s Best Director at Ojo de Iberoamérica 2015. And his documentaries excel year after year at the Uruguayan award ceremonies. In his free time he is a skydiver.

Contact: Manolo Cedillo