"Sangre" is a collective of directors with multidisciplinary, independent and collaborative character; focused entirely on audiovisual content. Created in 2014 by Antonio Sarria (director, executive producer) and composed of Pedro Zamalloa (editor, musician, director) and Miqy de la Barra (director, editor, producer); "Sangre" combines different generations, perspectives, schools and experiences, turning the collective into a bold and multifaceted proposal, what unites us is our passion for the image, thinking of each project as unique, personal and own, with total responsibility for what we feel. Our name symbolizes what we print in each project: passion, life, commitment, rigor.

With more than fifteen years of experience and multiple awards at festivals such as The Sun, The Eye of Latin America, The Fiap and Grand Prix to best local director among others, highlight the latest awards with gold, silver and bronze metals in Cannes Lions 2018, 2017 and 2016; best videopclip at The Golden Gate international film festival 2017, Official selection at the Bogotá music video festival 2017 and at the Manchester film festival 2018.

And so, for more than four years, our audiovisual commitment is called "Sangre", since then we signed -and filmed- with blood.

Contact: Manolo Cedillo